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Justin Bieber Fanfiction Awards 2012:  BEST ROMANCE – WINNER – JUSTIN&KELSEY
Justin Bieber Fanfiction Awards 2012:  Sexiest Scene/Chapter – WINNER-
Justin Bieber Fanfiction Awards 2012 Hottest Kiss- WINNER
Justin Bieber Fanfiction Awards 2012 Best Male Protagonist – WINNER – JUSTIN
Justin Bieber Fanfiction Awards 2012 Hottest Chemistry – WINNER – JUSTIN & KELSEY


Danger had a 5/5 raiting and had several reviews on the justinbieberfanfiction and it’s the most famous Justin Bieber fanfiction. It has been translated to many languages, the Spanish and Portuguese version had a lot of readers.


Theme Song: Everybody Lies - Jason Walker
01. Echo - Jason Walker
02. If Everybody Cared - Nickelback
03. Complicated - Rihanna
04. Safe - Britt Nicole
05. Kiss Me - Jason Walker
06. Sooner or Later - Matt Kearney
07. What Goes Around, Comes Around - Justin Timberlake
08. Mirror - Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars
09. In The End - Lincoln Park
10. Everything - Lifehouse
11. Shattered - Trading Yesterday
12. Cry - Alex Calise
13. Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson
14. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
15. Turn To You - Justin Bieber
16. Addicted - Saving Abel
17. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift (ft. Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider)
18. Bring Me To Life- Evanescence
19. Trainwreck - Demi Lovato
20. This Is Our Town - We The Kings
21. This Song Saved My Life - Simple Plan
22. Kelsey - Metro Station
23. Fool in Love - Rihanna


1.  "Nice going, shawty."
2. "-Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
3. “You don’t even know me,” 
4. "Yep. He’s definitely bipolar."
5. “Can’t get comfortable?”
6.  “She knows too much.”
7. “I believe my names Justin Bieber bitch.”
8. "Oh the irony of this all."
9. “Where are we going?”
10. “Who said this was a date?”
11. "--So this is just a game to you?"
12. “You’re crazy, you know that?”
13. “Why the fuck do you even care?”
14.  "-I don't give a fuck."
15. "Two can play this game, bitch."
16. "--lay next to me."
17. "You trust her."
18. "Miss me?"
19.  "What the hell, Justin?"
20. “You act as if apologizing is a crime.”
21. "What do you want from me?"
22.  “You are one of the biggest hypocrites in town.”
23.  “Like what you see?”
24. “You really care about her, don’t you?”
25. “I don’t tolerate liars.”
26.  “If I were you, I’d keep your mouth shut."
27.  “I’ll kill you.”
28. “You don’t have to hide your feelings.”
29. "You could never lose me." 
30. “Don’t talk to me like that.”
31.  “You better sleep with one eye open tonight.”
32. “Damn babe, you might as well come and work for me.”
33. "She's not your pet."
34.  “Did I ever tell you how much of a turn on it is when you’re angry?”
35. “Who the hell would want to kill you?”
36. “It’s a shame you didn’t die.”
37.  “She’s nothing but trouble.”
38. "You're in denial."
39. “I warned you not to tempt me.”
40. “Don’t bullshit me.”
41.  "--stay the hell away from her."
42. “You miss them, don’t you?”
43. “You were with her, weren’t you?”
44. I want you so bad.”
45. “You’re in for it now, bro.”
46. “I should have let you explain.”
47.  "This was my mistake,"
48. "I’ll make it up to you."
49.“I have nothing to hide.”
50. “I almost lost you;"
51. "—my girl was a badass."
52."I found something worth fighting for”
53.  “You saved him.”
54. “You can’t change fate."
55. "What exactly do you do?"
56.  “Move and I shoot her.”
57.  “My life is too dangerous.”
58. “He needs to pay for what he did tonight."
59. “I promised that I would keep you safe.”
60. “Before you know it, it’ll all blow over.”
61.  “No one said you had to listen.”
62.  “What’s gotten into you?”
63.“It’s show time, boys.”


One night. One Party. One mistake. What he thought was going to ruin his life, seemed to have been the opposite.
When all your life you’ve been used to people lying and deceiving you. How do you learn to trust those around you? And when the person you care the most has become the target to your enemies… What would you do to protect them?
One thing’s for sure…. They don’t call him danger for nothing.


Kelsey Jones {Lily Collins}
Justin Bieber/Danger {Justin Bieber}
Bruce Santos
John Rivera {Taylor Launter}
Kayla Ortega {Nina Dobrev}
Luke Delgado
Carly Risi {Ashley Benson}
Jen Bambino {Shay Mitchell}
Andrew Lorelli
Marcus Sorella {Avan Jogia}
Marco Messina {Zac Efron}
Jaxon Bieber {Alexander Luwdig}

“They Don’t call him danger for nothing”
-          -Danger’s promotion

Danger is a young-adult action and drama novel written by Adriana V. It was published on December Eleven of 2011. This is the first book of the “Danger Series” followed by Danger’s back.
The novel consists on 63 chapters narrating Kelsey’s and Justin’s lives, the book is narrated in both Kelsey’s and Justin’s point of view  and the type of narration is “Protagonist Narrator”.